Zeleni Vrt

Zeleni vrt Restaurant

U neposrednoj blizini mora svojim „stasom“ dominira restoran „Zeleni Vrt“. With a total of 350 seats on the terrace and 200 seats in a closed restaurant, restoran „Zeleni Vrt“ zasigurno je jedan od najvećih restorana u Hrvatskoj i idealan za organizaciju vjenčanja i korporativnih događanja.
The restaurant has built its identity on a coal grill specialties whose slasnost meet both domestic and foreign guests. With a grill available for guests are spit and baking lid so that the arrangement can be prepared a variety of traditional dishes. With meat and fish specialties we offer, but also the possibility of an agreement according to your personal preferences..
All events can be held at the foot of branched terasnih pergola under which developed from plants creates natural shade on the lower terrace, which boasts beautiful views of the sea or in a closed conference room that can adapt to all your wishes.


The possibility of holding events and celebrations on the terrace or in the hall.

The restaurant is located near the sea. Known for meat and fish dishes. Aquarium with lobsters and lobsters makes it unique in this area.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the Green Lagoon on the beach in a forest of pines and palm trees. Known for seafood delicacies and a baker's oven.

Restaurant near the sea in the Green Lagoon. Ideal for a organization of special events. Known for dishes made on coal grill, oven and roasted food.

The winery is located near Poreč in Stancija Vodopija. Ideal for gatherings with a tasting of different varieties of domestic wine Perun and Istrian prosciutto.